Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Homestay in Segamat- ver 2

Berita baik,

Disebabkan sambutan hangat terhadap homestay Dahlina. Maka, kami telah mengembangkan sayap kami dan menjadikan Dahlina homestay kepada dua buah rumah.

kedua-dua rumah adalah bersebelahan dan amatlah kondusive untuk mereka yang ingin menyewa untuk group yang ramai atau majlis menyambut tetamu. (perkahwinan).

Ianya turut dilengkapi dengan kemudahan air condition yang akan menyegarkan penyewa sepanjang mendiami homestay kami.

Segala kelemahan sila dimaklumkan supaya boleh dipertingkatkan mutu dan kualiti homestay kami.

Sekian, terima kasih

Friday, March 8, 2013

a lot more need to be update

salam eveyone....

currently most of the vustomers satisfied with our homestay...n we feel we very pleasant with that...thank you so much for the fact..due to this matter....we upgrade our homestay by providing all bwdroom with air condition!yeayyyy....

great news.....n gooodd news....

need to update the latest picture of our homestay..

stay tune...if you want to booked....please call cikgu kamat...0193663476

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Introducing....Dahlina HOMESTAY

HEllo Everyone...

I am a daughter of the owner of this homestay...hihihi...I would like to introduce you our homestay that located at 11, Jalan Perkasa, Taman Seri Waja, Kampong Jawa, 85000 Segamat, JOHOR...

before we go details on specific item that we offer in this homestay...let me introduce you our locations...location of our Homestay ...hihihi...i guest a lot of delicious and popular food around this homestay... u go...our homestay~~taraa~~~i will update interesting place on next post.

Outside from this homestay....
okeyh... that's our homestay from outside look...hihihi...the house orange in color....this location only for Malay..and very nice and friendly neighborhood go for short review of this homestay. this homestay have 3 bedroom that can accommodate up to 9 people in same, there is no big issue..some people say more than that...the facilities are:
                   1. 3 bedroom with ceiling fan and wall-fan
                   2. 3 queen bed sheet and 3 single bed sheet
                   3. 3 toilets
                   4. kitchen
                   5. television, refrigerator, washing machine, water heater, and a lot more..(as the guest happy)

okeyh..we go one by one ok?

1. Living Room

Living room occupied with sofa, television and ceiling fan.

the view of our living room...can accommodate more than 9 people.

2. Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom: Queen Bedsheet and wardrobe and Study Table and  attached toilet.

Toilet inside the master bedroom.

 3. Second Bedroom

this bedroom so special because it have attic or "loteng".. hihihi...this attic can accomodate 2 people. here is the picture of the second bedroom..

One Queen Bedroom with wall fan.

Up Right: The stairs to the attic or " Loteng"; Up Left: The attic or "Loteng"
Below Right: The Single Bedroom with study table.  Below Left: Another single bedroom .

3. Third Bedroom

this third bedroom consist of queen bedroom and single bedroom..and it equip with wall-fan.
All picture in the third bedroom can accommodate up to 3 people

4. Dining Room 

Dining Table and the kitchen equipped with cooker, refrigerator and washing machine. Sangat cantik sure xrugi klo rent this homestay while stay in Segamat!!

then....To all people in Malaysia yang nak stay kat Segamat, You are WELCOME to DAHLINA HOMESTAY...with good price and satisfied with our home....

FYI...the price range from RM 180-200 depends on the availability. the more day you stay, the more discount you get~ guarantee ~~~